Tempur Matic Adjustable base

Tempur Matic Adjustable base

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Matic Somier 2 Motor With the Tempur Matic bed base, you can find your ideal sleeping position by pressing only one key on the remote control with cable (standard) or wireless (optional). With the knob you can control the elevation of the legs or the height of the backrest Which can be very useful if you have mobility problems or if you simply look for a position to rest with your legs up or with the incorporated body. The motors of the bed frame are very silent and comes standard equipped with an emergency system That Allows to place the bed frame in the horizontal position in case of power cut. The design of the bed frame is similar to That of the Static bed base with some tilting plates That ADAPTS buffers and to the movements of the user.

W80 x D190 x H30cm
W80 x D200 x H30cm
W90 x D190 x H30cm
W90 x D200 x H30cm
W135 x D190 x H30cm
W135 x D200 x H30cm

Estimate 2-3 weeks

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